An unmissable offer – from our team to yours.

Get the team together for an evening of food, drink, fun and games (literally!) at Whistler’s freshest new bar and lounge.


Maybe you’ve passed us on your way down the Village Stroll. Perhaps you’ve heard about us from a friend or colleague. Or maybe, just maybe, you didn’t have a clue that we existed until just now (in which case we’ll be firing our marketing guy). Well, whether you know about us or not, now’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about.

Through December 6th we’re offering a killer deal for local businesses interested in bringing their teams together for a night of food, drink and fun in a chic, central setting. From just $25pp (minimum spend), you and your team will get to take over an area of The Living Room – Whistler’s freshest new bar and lounge – at the Pangea Pod Hotel, where you’ll be served expertly-crafted cocktails and artisan homemade flatbread pizzas at our large, family style tables.

While devouring our delicious food and drinks your team members can challenge each other to one of our many board games (including that sordid favourite, Cards Against Humanity).

All the while you’ll be getting to know each other a little better in one of the slickest new venues in town. The Living Room at Pangea is an exceptional interior space that blends contemporary design with cozy features such as a gas-fired stove, full-size murals by renowned artist Ola Volo, and custom-made communal tables and benches.

Want to spice it up even further by having your team take over one (or more) of our suites after their night in The Living Room, with each team member assigned their own private pod? We’d be happy to block off a suite or two for $45pp on weekdays (add another $10pp for weekends and contact us for pricing beyond early December). We’ll even comp your party planner’s pod that night.

If that sounds like your (or their) idea of a good night out, get in touch. Contact us and we’ll help you plan your evening!

The A-Team

Team bonding. Pangea-style.