In our parkade.

Please note that parking is limited (we only have 9 stalls) and needs to be reserved ahead of time (either at the time of booking, or via email afterwards if space still exists). Cars are towed daily for not having the correct parking pass – please don’t be one of those people who arrive in Whistler only to have to cab it to Function to collect your impounded car!

If you wish to park your car before checking in, please contact us in advance so we can tell you which parking spot (stall number) to use. For directions on how to access our private parking from the highway (click image to view full-sized map):


If you decide to first pull up outside Pangea (easier for offloading luggage and sports gear as otherwise you’ll need to lug that up the stairs from the parkade), here is how to get to our underground parking after check-in (Note: parking in the lane/alley behind alley is not allowed, and you be ticketed by Whistler Bylaw Services if you leave your vehicle here unattended):