We're in the centre of everything.

We’re located right on the corner of the pedestrian-only Village Stroll (Whistler Village’s main drag) and Sunrise Alley. If you head up from the Gateway Loop (where most buses and shuttles originating from Vancouver will drop you) towards the gondolas you’ll spot us on the left-hand-side a couple blocks up. It’s just a 2-minute walk – 160m to be precise.

We’re pretty visible there on the corner – just look for the building with the floor-to-ceiling windows on the 2nd floor (and if you look a little higher up you’ll see our large signage right beneath our rooftop patio).

Please note that while our location is listed on Google Maps, Google Street View won’t be much use to you. We only opened in 2018 and clearly the world’s biggest tech firm can’t keep up with us…

Need more help finding us? Give us a call (toll free) on 1-604-962-1011. We’ll guide you in like a starship’s tractor beam.