Where you’ll find our pods.


To ensure our guests feel at home at Pangea, we’ve arranged our 88 designer pods across 8 suites, rather than putting them all in a single warehouse-like facility (the kind which you might have seen in other pod or capsule hotels). This adds an extra element of privacy for our guests; sure, you’ll be sharing a suite with other people, but only a select few.

You’ll find 6 designer pods in our smallest suites, 18 in our largest duplex suites (complete with lofted mezzanine floor), and our unique en-suite bathroom components in all of them. More than half of our suites have private balconies too.

Access to each suite (via wristband keycard) is limited to those guests staying in it, providing a further layer of privacy and security.

A female-only suite can be reserved in advance if desired.

Not your typical design.

Pangea’s individually accessed bathroom components mean you’ll likely never have to wait for the shower or washroom.