Answers to smart questions.

What is a pod?

Your pod is your personal sleeping space – a small private cabin – that includes everything you need, looks incredible (thanks to our team of interior designers) and provides key elements of privacy.

Is my pod completely soundproof?

No. We wish we could tell you it is, but it isn’t. Of course you should know we do everything in our power to make your night as peaceful as possible. Our pods went through a multi-year industrial design process and are constructed with the reduction of noise in mind. Individually controlled fans have been incorporated into your pod not only for air circulation but equally importantly for creating white noise to help mask outside sounds. A small door and a curtain further improve your privacy. Lastly, ear-plugs are available at reception, free of charge.

Why does the entrance to my pod have a curtain?

Our curtains are there for your privacy. BC’s building code requirements don’t allow for fully lockable doors, so our design team selected high-end curtains that not only look and feel great, but keep light out too, so you can sleep without distractions. And of course the other three walls of your private pod are lined in wood and fitted with mirrors, art and more.

We’ve also designed several spaces for you to secure all your valuables, gear and accessories. More on that lower down on this page.

Do you offer any all-female suites?

Yes ma’am. At all times we will have a minimum of one of our suites set aside as an “all-female” suite. Should this be of interest, please makes sure to select this pod type when you make your reservation.

What's the bathroom situation?

Not what you think. When we travelled we hated wrapping towels around our waists and having to walk down the hallway to a shared set of washrooms, usually to wait there until something freed up. So we wiped that idea off the drawing board and started fresh. All our lux washrooms are private to our suites. And there are also lots of them relative to our number of guests. Best of all, we’ve designed our washrooms so each of them is actually four separate components – (1) a shower cabin, (2) a bathroom with a little sink, (3) a larger vanity with a back-lit mirror where you can apply make-up, shave, blow-dry your hair, brush your teeth, etc. and finally (4) a change-room where you can get dressed in a full-height space. What does this mean? Simply, we hope it means you never wait in line, and you feel like you have private spa-like facilities even though you never paid for them. Did we mention we also have in-ceiling speakers throughout so you can dance while you shower? For more info see Pangea Living.

Do you have storage space for my toys (skis, snowboards and bikes)?

Of course! There’s enough ski and snowboard storage space for every guest. Bike storage is somewhat limited but can be reserved online and in advance of your arrival. And should our internal bike storage be fully booked, the Garbanzo Downhill Rental Store at the base of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park offers secure storage as well. For more info see Pangea Living.


I’ve spent the day knee-deep in Whistler’s incredible powder and my outer gear is wet. Can you help me?

You bet! The same cables that lock your skis and boards were fashioned to securely hang your wet outer shell gear, while ducting and air flow through our ski storage area was designed to help dry it out.

What about storage for my ski boots, accessories (helmets, googles), etc.?

Each guest is provided with a private locker for dirty outer gear, ski boots and accessories. Please help us keep your suite sparkling clean and tranquil by swapping your wet, dirty, noisy boots for shoes (or better yet flip-flops) when you enter the property. Sleek Pangea flip-flops are available for purchase at The Shop if you forget to bring your own (or if you just like ours more). For more info see Pangea Living.

How do I secure my “stuff”?

Your pod includes a private cabinet in which you can lock your goodies (and even charge them while they’re locked away). Of course, we have to remind you we cannot take any responsibility for items left behind.

So I guess I need locks?

You bet. Four in total – for your bike/ski rack, locker, private cabinet and luggage cable/cubby. You can always purchase these from The Shop if you forget to bring your own.

Is there free WiFi?

We hope all hotel guests one day never need ask this question. We have lightning fast WiFi throughout the property. And it’s always free.

My stuff gets dirty and I need it cleaned. What do I do?

Our staff will gladly take care of your laundry in our private facilities. Laundry is charged by the load, not the piece, to save you money. That’s another horrible hotel habit we kicked in the teeth.

What are the rules?

There are only two since we aren’t great at big numbers:

  1. Don’t take your ski boots to your pod (see “What about storage for my ski boots, accessories (helmets, googles), etc.?” above). 
  2. Have fun!

Do you have parking?

Yes. We have several underground parking stalls that can be reserved online and in advance of your arrival. Additional underground public parking is available and is just a short walking distance away. See Transportation Options To/From Whistler.

Is there an elevator?

There isn’t. Your boutique pod hotel starts on the second floor of the building and requires you to walk up a flight of stairs. That being said, we’ve done everything we can to make the short “trip up” as easy as possible, including making the stairs as gracious as possible given the constraints, and adding a custom bike track so you can roll your bike up and down with relative ease.

How good is your location actually?

Unbeatable. We’re located in the centre of Whistler Village, on the iconic pedestrian-only “Village Stroll”, surrounded by the best eateries and watering holes and just a stone’s throw from the gondolas accessing North America’s #1 ranked ski resort, Whistler Blackcomb. The map below shows the prime part of town (as outlined in black). And yes, we happen to be right there in the middle.

What on earth does Pangea mean anyway?

Funny you mention the earth. A long, long, time ago (300 million years ago for those of you who like to count), prior to the world’s land mass breaking up and eventually separating into the seven continents we know today, there was a single, unified, “super-continent” geographers, scientists and historians named Pangea. We named our project Pangea as a throwback to the times when the world was one, when everything was together, simply because our Pangea is intended to be a single home – a “super-home” for all travelers.

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