Pangea’s private sleeping compartments.


Imagine standing in an award-winning boutique hotel in a 500 square-foot room. You feel happy.

Imagine standing in an award-winning boutique hotel in a 500 square-foot room while reviewing your invoice. You feel sad.

Imagine figuring out a way to stay in an award-winning boutique hotel and only paying for the part of the room you need and use. You feel smart.

We call that “part” a pod.


Let’s get one thing straight. We’re not a Tokyo-style capsule hotel. Thousands of hours of painstaking interior design work and sophisticated prototyping was invested in making sure your pod doesn’t just help you get a great night’s sleep, but also makes you feel completely relaxed and comfortable with your surroundings. We think you’ll agree our stylish pods not only look great but work great too. True, they’ve also been designed to save space (naturally, since we wanted to help you save dollars), but guest comfort was always our first priority in development.


We’ve given our pods natural wood finishes, comfy double mattresses, soft sheets and fluffy pillows. There’s even art on the walls, just in case you need any further reminders that you’re staying in a boutique property.


As Louis Armstrong once crooned, “You like tomato and I like tomahto.” Quite appropriate for our pods, which, aside from minor differences, are nearly identical in all respects, and definitely in all meaningful respects. They all have super comfy double memory-foam mattresses, wood-lined walls, mirrors, fans, LED lighting and storage space like hangers, hooks and shelves. That being said, we’ve decided to categorize them into four “Pod Types”

As the name implies, these are all found on our Mezzanine (i.e. “Loft”) level. Aside from needing to skip up a few additional steps to access them, the main difference between these and all our other pods is that their associated storage space for both your bag and your valuables is across from your pod, not within it. In case you think that’s a negative, we should tell you that this means the actual “lockable” space is far larger than that in all our other pods (which instead of a large lockable cubby have a small lockable cabinet for valuables and a cable-tie to secure your bag). That being said, since the storage is indeed outside your pod (if only a step away), these are priced at a discount and are therefore our most affordable pod type. One last note: since these are on our highest level, they do feel warmer than our other pods – given this we do not advise (though we do allow) double-occupancy for these pods.

Our most common pod type is found on both our second and third floors. We call them “Front-entry” because you enter from the front. Duh. And while the entrance to our Front-entry pods is smaller than that of our Side-entry ones, making them narrower but longer, the benefit is that once you draw back your curtain you (and your head) are further from “the rest of the world”. From a pricing perspective, these are right in the middle – still very affordable, but just a little bit more than our Mezzanine pods because of their longer length and integrated storage.

You probably guessed this one. We don’t have many Side-entry pods, but the ones we do are all located on our third floor. They have the most spacious and gracious feel, and as such come at a slight premium to their Front-entry cousins. You’ll have to book early to be lucky enough to get one.

The name says it all – a private pod in a female-only suite. A good option if you’re just testing the waters of the shared accommodation concept or simply want added peace of mind.

You’ll find your pod in your suite.

Pangea is not a capsule warehouse.

Did you know...

Booking direct gets you a complimentary cocktail on arrival. It’s a great way to celebrate the fact that you’ve already received the lowest rate out there!