To be revealed. 2018.


Imagine standing in an award-winning boutique hotel in a 500 square-foot room. You feel happy.

Imagine standing in an award-winning boutique hotel in a 500 square-foot room while reviewing your invoice. You feel sad.

Imagine figuring out a way to stay in an award-winning boutique hotel and only paying for the part of the room you need and use. You feel smart.

We call that part a pod.


Let’s get one thing straight. We’re not a Tokyo-style capsule hotel. Thousands of hours of painstaking interior design work and sophisticated prototyping was invested in making sure your pod doesn’t just help you get a great night’s sleep, but also makes you feel completely relaxed and comfortable with your surroundings. We think you’ll agree our stylish pods not only look great but work great too. True, they’ve also been designed to save space (naturally, since we wanted to help you save dollars), but guest comfort was always our first priority in development.


We’ve given our pods natural wood finishes, comfy double mattresses, soft sheets and fluffy pillows. There’s even art on the walls, just in case you need any further reminders that you’re staying in a boutique property.


To ensure our guests feel at home at Pangea, we’ve arranged our 88 designer pods across 8 suites, rather than putting them all in a single warehouse-like facility (the kind which you might have seen in other pod or capsule hotels). This adds an extra element of privacy for our guests; sure, you’ll be sharing a suite with other people, but only a select few.

You’ll find 6 designer pods in our smallest suites, 18 in our largest duplex suites (complete with lofted mezzanine floor), and our unique en-suite bathroom components in all of them. More than half of our suites have private balconies too.

Access to each suite (via wristband keycard) is limited to those guests staying in it, providing a further layer of privacy and security.

We will at all times have a female-only suite which can be reserved in advance if desired.


On our travels we realized nobody likes waiting outside the shower with a towel wrapped around their waist (unless you just love those types of awkward situations). So we designed a system that breaks the typical bathroom down into four individually accessed components, meaning a person occupying the washroom doesn’t also have to be occupying the shower, vanity and changing space at the same time. What’s more, we put lots of these four-piece bathrooms into our suites, with more than 60 components serving our 88 pods. So the likelihood of you desperately waiting to get to the throne while someone’s grooving to a Justin Bieber single in the shower is close to zero. Besides, we don’t permit people who like Justin Bieber (just kidding, we’ll take credit for anything “made in Canada”).


Life at Pangea.

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