Keeping you safe in the post-COVID world

The safety of Pangea People – our guests, staff and partners – is our absolute number one priority. And it always will be.

But we know that talk is cheap, and many of you want to know the specifics behind what we’re doing to keep you safe and healthy. Below you’ll find the key measures we’re putting in place to prevent the spread of this virus (and others) and to keep you safe at all times while staying at Pangea. 

1. We’re exceeding the BC Ministry of Health’s stated requirements for sanitation and social distancing in hotels.

Needless to say, hand sanitizer is available throughout the property, and all guests are actively encouraged to use it. 

There are also floor markers and, where appropriate, one-way traffic paths in order to keep guests and staff at a safe and comfortable distance from each other. The seating plan in The Living Room, our on-site cafe/bar, has also been rearranged to keep guests (or private groups of guests) at a minimum 2-metre (6-foot) distance. You can read more about the steps we’re taking in our cafe and bar here.

2. We’re increasing cleaning frequency and intensity.

Even before the onset of COVID-19, we used hospital-grade cleaning materials to clean and disinfect all pods and common areas. We’ve since increased the frequency of our cleaning of common spaces and bathrooms, while also paying extra special attention to high touch areas such as light switches, door handles and handrails. Menus, tabletops and chairs in our cafe are being cleaned with disinfectant after each use, as are our check-in kiosks.

To deal with this additional workload, and to protect our housekeeping team, we’re asking all of our guests to vacate their suites from 1 – 4 PM daily (Whistler has plenty enough to keep you entertained for three hours… and much longer!).

The same increased frequency and intensity of cleaning is taking place in back-of-house areas, including the kitchen and bar.

3. We’re eliminating physical contact between guests and staff wherever possible.

We recognize the potential for staff-to-guest transmission and vice versa, which is why we’re taking steps to eliminate all physical contact. So if our staff members don’t assist you with your luggage, or refuse to take cash and insist on card/contactless payment (for obvious reasons), please don’t be offended, complain to a manager or leave us a bad review (we know you wouldn’t, but we have to put it out there) – our team are simply trying to keep you safe.

Our staff are also wearing face masks and will be serving you wherever possible from behind plexiglass screens as a purely precautionary measure — not because they are unwell (if they were, they wouldn’t be at work). Staff, like guests, are using hand sanitizer at every opportunity.

It’s worth noting that, even under normal circumstances, Pangea is a relatively ‘contactless’ hotel – this is because we utilise a range of contact-limiting technologies, such as self check-in kiosks, electronic wristband key-cards (which also double as a payment method), and an in-house guest-messaging platform that removes the need for you to ever wait in line to ask a question at reception.

4. We’re investing (heavily) in technologies to improve airflow.

We don’t just mean spending a little extra on a special kind of disinfectant (although we’re doing that too!). We’re investing literally thousands of dollars into airflow machinery that breaks down molecules — including viruses — with ultraviolet (UV) light. This is despite Pangea being one of the airiest properties in Whistler. To complement this, our windows will remain open as much as possible throughout the hotel to ensure a constant supply of fresh, mountain air.

5. We’re asking our guests and staff to be vigilant at all times.

While most of the measures we’re taking to protect Pangea People are within our power to enact, we’ll of course be asking our hotel guests to self-monitor their own health, abide by social distancing rules, and respect their fellow guests. We’re doing this using various forms of communication, including SMS messages directly to your phone and large, conspicuous signage throughout the hotel.

This also means that if you feel uncomfortable by the actions of another guest (specifically the disregard of measures designed to keep everyone safe), we want you to feel confident in respectfully asking them to stop what they are doing, because we’ll most certainly have your back. We’re sure it won’t come to that, but it’s reassuring to know we’ll absolutely enforce the rules.

6. We’re actively monitoring the latest updates with regards to COVID-19, and will take appropriate additional steps to protect our guests should they be required.

We said in point 1 that we’re adhering to the BC Ministry of Health’s requirements for sanitation and social distancing in hotels in the light of COVID-19. It goes without saying that we’re also actively monitoring this advice (as well as the global, national and local situation in general), and we’ll respond quickly to any changes as they happen.

We want you to feel reassured that this health crisis is not something we take lightly, and that we’re taking every possible step we can to protect your health and wellbeing during your stay at Pangea.

For a full review of Pangea’s COVID-19 safety plan as created per WorkSafeBC guidelines, click here.