Safe service in the post-COVID world

The health and safety of our customers is – and always will be – our first priority. Even before the onset of coronavirus, we maintained the very highest hygiene standards in our food and beverage preparation, serving and dining areas – as you would expect from any cafe, bar or restaurant.

But we know that many of you want to know specifically what we’re doing to keep you safe while you dine and imbibe in The Living Room or on The Rooftop Patio, so below you can read about some of the measures we’re taking in addition to our usual standard-setting practices.

1. We’re maintaining social distancing in all areas of The Living Room and on The Rooftop Patio.

And we’re not just paying lip-service. We’ve applied floor markers in all service areas, corridors and stairways, and we’ve put up highly visible signage throughout the property to remind people of our social distancing policies. Where appropriate, we’ve also installed one-way traffic systems, and our seating plan has been completely rearranged to ensure that separate parties are kept at least 2 metres (6 feet) apart.

We’re also keeping those spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows in The Living Room open as much as possible to maximize airflow.

2. We’re actively encouraging hand-sanitization among customers, and enforcing it among staff.

Dispensers containing hand sanitizer have been placed at the entrances to both The Living Room and The Rooftop Patio, and our staff will be asking you to use them. Needless to say, our servers are practicing what they preach, and it should also go without saying that our back-of-house staff are continuously washing/disinfecting their hands while preparing food and drinks, as they would normally, but with extra-special zeal (if you know a chef then you’ll likely know how ferociously they scrub their hands even when prepping their own meals!).

3. We’re disinfecting menus, tables, chairs and PIN pads after each use.

Anything that may have been touched by a previous Living Room diner or imbiber is being disinfected after each use, including menus (which are now laminated), tables, chairs, and the PIN pads we use to authorize your payment (please note The Living Room and The Rooftop Patio are now cashless environments – another part of our strategy for reducing common touchpoints). We’ve also moved all cutlery, crockery, utensils and sundries such as lids, straws and napkins behind the bar counter so that only our staff can access them – that way you can be sure they have been handled by no-one else when they arrive at your table (or are handed to you at the bar).

4. We’re enabling online ordering so that everything from reading our menu to placing an order and paying can be done from your phone.

Don’t want to come up to the bar? Don’t feel like touching a menu or a PIN pad (even though they’ve both just been disinfected)? No problem. We’ve rolled out online ordering for pick-up and for table service, meaning you can get your favourite flatbread and hand-crafted cocktail delivered to your table in just a few steps using your mobile phone. Just please don’t forget to tip our incredible team – it’s easy to forget when ordering is this easy.

5. We’re doubling down on our back-of-house cleaning/disinfecting routines.

That’s right. Even though we always maintain the very highest standards of hygiene in our back-of-house areas (kitchen, bar, etc.) – standards that are high enough to destroy viruses and eliminate bacteria – we have still intensified our cleaning and sanitizing routine by effectively doubling the number of times food prep equipment gets washed or wiped down/disinfected. We have also redesigned our dishwashing routine, the details of which can be found in our full COVID-19 Safety Plan.

6. We’re wearing face masks and serving from behind plexiglass where appropriate.

All of our staff are wearing masks as a purely precautionary measure – not because they are unwell (if they were unwell, they wouldn’t be working). Some of them may be serving or assisting you from behind plexiglass screens – again, this is simply a precaution.

We know it’s impersonal and that the wearing of masks, in particular, might seem a little standoff-ish, but we promise that we’re wearing a smile beneath.

A note on our staff: all of them have been issued and have agreed to our COVID-19 Employee Policy, which includes, among other things, specific guidelines on when they should stay at home and what they should do if they feel ill at work.

7. We’re moving to contactless/card payments where possible.

We’re asking our customers not to pay in cash for the time being, as notes and coins have the potential to carry bacteria and viruses. Please remember to bring your credit or debit card along with you, and to pay using ‘tap’ wherever possible.

For a full review of Pangea’s COVID-19 safety plan as created per WorkSafeBC guidelines, click here.

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