Cleaning at Pangea

Keeping you safe in the post-COVID world.

Covid may have taken a back seat, but our cleaning procedures remain as meticulous as ever (think high frequency and exceptional attention to detail), and we are 100% committed to maintaining these standards. Here are some of the ways we ensure your stay is clean and comfortable:

  • We use hospital-grade cleaning materials to clean and disinfect all surfaces within our pods and common areas.
  • All our pods are fully disinfected and cleaned between guests.
  • Our custom pod design means that, unlike traditional hotel rooms, we can clean every inch of your space including the ceiling, floor, walls and carpeted areas. You can (and should) rest easy knowing your pod is spotless upon check-in.
  • Common areas, including all bathrooms and shower rooms, are cleaned daily. We pay special attention to high-touch areas such as light switches, door handles and handrails.
  • Unlike many hotels that are plagued by dirt-collecting carpets, all floors at Pangea have solid, smooth surfaces (tile, composites, etc.), meaning that we don’t just vacuum every floor every day, we mop them with Ecolab’s specialty flooring products too.
  • Daily suite closures from 1 – 3 PM ensure that our housekeeping team has enough uninterrupted time to get into all the nooks and crannies of the shared spaces, so that even the smallest details are taken care of.
  • As well as opening the windows and balcony doors while we clean to let the fresh mountain air in, we invested thousands of dollars into airflow machinery that breaks down molecules – including viruses – with ultraviolet (UV) light, meaning you can look forward to airy suites replete with fresh, clean air.
  • We ask guests to hang and dry all their wet outer gear in The Toy Box, our bespoke gear storage area. This helps keep the suites dry and smelling fresh.
  • At the end of each and every season we perform our seasonal deep cleans, whereby we close each suite to perform an even better clean, along with any essential  maintenance. We take apart each pod (quite literally), deep clean them, then put them all back together again. Completing this regular deep clean keeps everything looking, feeling and working like new.
  • The same level of care is taken in all our back-of-house areas, including the kitchen and bar.

Most importantly, we’re committed to continuous improvement. We welcome guest feedback, and act on anything that needs to be acted on. We’re proud of our cleanliness ratings: on an absolute level, with average guest scores of 94% across all channels, we shine; on a relative basis, when compared with other hotels in Whistler and beyond (including those of the 5*, wallet-emptying, variety), there’s really no comparison. Our focus remains on keeping Pangea looking like it did when we first opened our doors.