Cool news | Pangea has a new air-con system

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Cool news | Pangea has a new air-con system

At Pangea, we want our guests to be as comfortable as possible throughout their stay with us. And of course, temperature and air quality are two of the things that affect your comfort the most when staying in a hotel. With this in mind, we recently invested heavily in improving our HVAC system (that’s Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning to you and me), spending well into the 6 digits on an additional 11-ton engineering masterpiece to enhance temperature control in our suites. In fact, because of this, all of our suites are now individually temperature controlled, meaning the level of heating or cooling can be adjusted according to the conditions of the suite (which can depend on its position within our hotel and its exposure to sunlight or ambient temperature). The result? You stay cool and comfortable (or nice and cozy) wherever you are in the hotel, no matter the conditions outside.

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