The Pangea Packing List

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The Pangea Packing List


First, some reassurance: while you won’t find a walk-in closet at Pangea, you will find that our pods have been cleverly designed with integrated storage in the form of shelves, hangers, hooks and cubbies. As long as you’re fairly savvy with what you pack (as in, don’t bring your entire footwear collection or your pet chihuahua), you’re going to be fine.

So what should you bring, and what can you leave out? Read on to find out.



First things first, we need to deal with the bag you’re planning on bringing to Pangea. Although there’s no restriction on size if you’re staying in one of our standard pods, there is if you’re booked into one of our Mezzanine pods (if in doubt, check your confirmation email). These have a separate storage cubby which can accommodate luggage with dimensions of up to 32” x 22” x 15”. That being said, we recommend something around this size regardless of the pod you’re staying in… it’ll just make your life easier!



Padlocks are available from The Shop at reception if you forget them, but we do recommend that you bring your own. The maximum you’ll need is four (see our “So I guess I need locks?” answer on our FAQ page). Generally we suggest that you bring combination type padlocks instead of padlocks with keys – it’s just one less thing to lose while you’re out on the slopes (don’t make us get our bolt cutters out!).



All of Pangea’s bathrooms include complimentary toiletries in the form of hand soap, shower gel and shampoo. However, anything else (think toothpaste, razors and the like) you’ll need to either bring with you or buy when you get here. Many of the basics are available from The Shop at reception.



Without wishing to point out the obvious, Whistler is a mountain town, and unless you plan on renting you’ll want to bring your own gear (tip: if you are renting you might want to consider reserving gear ahead of time directly with Whistler-Blackcomb’s network of rental shops – you’ll receive a generous discount of up to 20% off by doing so). 

And in case you were wondering, Pangea does have dedicated storage for outerwear and accessories (helmets, goggles etc.) as well as skis, boards and bikes, so there’s really no need to compromise by leaving these off your list. It’s another easy way to save some coin – renting gear in Whistler may be easy, but it’s definitely not cheap.

More info about The Toy Box, our dedicated gear storage area, can be found here.



Sorry, Aussie friends. If you simply can’t do without your favourite yeast extract, you’ll just have to remember to bring a jar with you, as unfortunately we don’t stock it in The Shop at reception (though we’re sure you’ll find it somewhere in Whistler). Same goes for Marmite and Yorkshire Tea, Brits.



We probably don’t need to remind you to pack your phone, camera or tablet. In fact, they’re likely among the first things on your list. However, in case you were wondering where you’re going to store them, remember that the pods at Pangea have integrated lockable cubbies where you can simultaneously store and charge your electronic devices (with the exception of our Mezzanine pods, which have a separate locker for such things).



Just like a regular hotel, we provide fresh, clean towels upon your arrival (and are happy to change them every day for a small additional fee). In terms of toiletries, we also have hand soap, shower gel and shampoo, so you won’t need any of those (as explained above).

Another thing you won’t need is a hair dryer. Although our vanities are fitted with electrical sockets for such things as straighteners, razors, electric toothbrushes and the like, we’d prefer you borrow (at no charge) our own high-powered dryers. Just ask at reception.


Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for more insight and more tips and tricks to experiencing the best of the unique mountain town of Whistler on a budget.

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