Our Current Favourite Travel and Adventure Bloggers | Summer 2018

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Our Current Favourite Travel and Adventure Bloggers | Summer 2018


Nothing whets our appetite for adventure like a well-written, exquisitely photographed travel blog – you know, the kind that has you spending the next week of your life staring at Kayak on your phone as you try to find the cheapest available flight to the Congo, Belize, or some other weird and wonderful destination.

At the moment we’re rather busy building Canada’s first pod hotel, but if we weren’t, these are the bloggers that would be inspiring our own adventures…



Australian culture vulture Michael Turtle worked in broadcast journalism for a decade before he gave it all up to travel the world indefinitely. What we love about the Turtle is his ability to seek out and find some of the most unusual experiences. Spend half an hour reading his blog and you’ll be asking yourself why you aren’t out there learning how to charm snakes in Morocco, drinking yak’s milk with herders in Nepal, or going toe-to-toe with a sumo wrestler in Tokyo.

Recent destinations: Italy, Portugal, Kyrgyzstan
Niche: UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Blog: www.timetravelturtle.com




We came across Nadine Sykura’s travel blog a while back, and we’ve been hooked ever since. Nadine is a Vancouver-based travel vlogger whose adventures have seen her canoeing in British Columbia and tasting the “best beer in the world” in the Czech Republic. For each destination she visits, Nadine produces a short, slick video with lots of useful information and plenty of travel inspiration.

Recent destinations: India, Canada, Eastern Europe
Niche: Travel vlogs
Blog: www.heynadine.com




Having travelled from coast to coast over a period of five years, Saskatchewan-born blogger Corbin Fraser knows Canada better than most, and his blogs and guides are a constant and reliable source of inspiration and information. Focusing on outdoor adventure and budget travel – but not averse to a little bit of luxury (the two aren’t mutually exclusive, you know – just look at our pod hotel!) – Corbin’s blog is an absolute must-follow if you’re planning a trip to British Columbia. Oh, did we mention he’s won tons of awards for his work?

Recent destinations: Whistler
Niche: Budget travel and affordable luxury, Canada
Blog: www.ibackpackcanada.com




In 2010, Miami-based freelance photographer Matthew Karsten decided to go backpacking for a year and started out by buying a one-way ticket to Guatemala. Eight years and countless countries later, he’s still at it (albeit now for ‘only’ six months of the year). His adventures have seen him exploring Vancouver Island and the Canadian Rockies on foot, mountain bike and motorcycle. Follow the Expert Vagabond’s blog if, like us, you can’t get enough of GoPro photography.

Recent destinations: Tanzania, British Columbia
Niche: Insane GoPro photography and video!
Blog: www.expertvagabond.com




Specialising in adventure travel with an emphasis on hiking, biking and canoeing, Leigh McAdam is an award-winning Canadian blogger who seems to have seen and done it all. The former geologist and dietician gave up everything to explore the world and is now one of Canada’s foremost travel bloggers. As well as having hiked, biked, climbed and paddled her way across large parts of Europe, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, Leigh has spent a good deal of time getting to know and reporting on her home country. We should add that Leigh has an incredibly stylish website with plenty of inspirational travel imagery. Her blog really does make us want to hit the open road again!

Recent destinations: Ireland
Niche: Hiking, biking
Blog: www.hikebiketravel.com


Please note this is just a partial list of the incredible travel bloggers and vloggers we respect.

Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for more insight and more tips and tricks to experience the best of the unique mountain town of Whistler on a budget.

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