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Our Favourite Travel and Adventure Bloggers


If you’ve never been to Whistler before, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. What is it that makes this place so special? Why do we keep saying that it’s the greatest mountain resort on Earth? Well, in case you needed any proof that Whistler is as beautiful, fun and exciting as we (and everyone else) says it is, we suggest you check out some of following bloggers and Instagrammers…



If epic aerial action shots set against a backdrop of jaw-dropping mountain scenery is your kinda thing, Austin Ross is your kinda guy. A professional skier and “good ol’ fashioned” adventurer, his Insta feed is filled with material that is both awe-inspiring and, we have to say, a little envy-provoking (Why can’t we all be super suave adventurers who spend all their time in the mountains?). When he’s not skiing he’s out there paragliding, climbing, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, camping… it’s the endless outdoors.




Whistler resident Anna Segal takes instagramming to dizzying heights with some truly epic action shots from the snow-covered mountainsides of Whistler and Blackcomb (interspersed with a few cheeky selfies, of course). Segal seems to live and breathe adventure, especially the kind that involves snow and ice, and judging by her feed, she’s far more at home on a pair of skis than in shoes.




There’s a reason this dude has over 60,000 followers. KC Deane‘s well-curated feed is beautiful and inspiring to look at thanks to a combination of high-wire skiing/biking stunts and gorgeous alpine vistas. KC features the mountains around Pangea heavily in his work, and thanks to him and the photographers he works with, Whistler’s spectacular beauty is done full justice in this feed.




Mark Abma is another pro skier based in Whistler whose feed is both exciting and inspiring, which is why he too has a robust Instagram following (clearly we’re not the only ones who can’t get enough of big air shots and powder shredding). Always smiling, one of the things we like about Abma is how patently clear it is that he’s loving every minute of the time he spends outdoors. No wonder, when you look at the magical scenery around him.




Not only does she have a great Instagram feed, Miss Snow It All has a blog (SnowsBest.com) that’s a goldmine of information about… well, just about anything to do with snow sports. While not a native of Canada, she’s written tons of material on Canada and B.C. in particular that you’d do well to check out before visiting. And, if you like photos of shoulder-deep snow and the odd snow dog, you’ll certainly like her work.




If Mason Mashon‘s Insta feed isn’t enough to have you pining for the great outdoors, nothing will be. This pro photographer based out of Whistler offers an artful take on B.C.’s breathtaking scenery, capturing patterns and forms that most of us are simply not smart enough to see. Add to that a fine selection of moody low-light landscapes (and the occasional tropical seascape when Mason’s on holiday) and you have something really worth following.



Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for more insight and more tips and tricks to experiencing the best of the unique mountain town of Whistler on a budget.

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