Storing your stuff at Pangea

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Storing your stuff at Pangea


The last thing you want to be worrying about when you come to a place like Whistler is where you’re going to put all your stuff, and in the case of equipment, how you can store it securely. So let us put you at ease; at Pangea you can safely secure not only your small valuables – like phones, cameras and laptops – but also all your gear, be it for skiing, boarding or biking. Read on to find out exactly how…



The Toy Box, our dedicated gear storage room, is the place to securely store your winter equipment. It has lockable racks for skis and snowboards, as well as lockers for accessories like boots, helmets and goggles. The racks come with cable ties which can be used to concurrently hang your wet outer gear – with fresh air ducted and flowing through the space, this is where your wet jackets and pants can dry. A single large lock is all you’ll need to secure both your rack and the adjoining cable tie.

You’ll also need a separate lock for your assigned locker. If you forget to bring any locks, you can always purchase them at The Shop at reception.

The Toy Box has assigned gear storage areas for each pod, so just look for the rack (and locker) with the same number as your pod, and voilà! Reservations are not necessary.



In the summer, The Toy Box transforms into a bike storage room with space for more than 40 large mountain bikes. Bikes are securely stored on pivoting racks, while helmets, googles, body armour and other accessories can be stowed in the lockers. We have Krytonite bike cable ties for securing your precious MTBs – all you’ll need to bring is your own lock. Don’t have one? No problem. The Shop at Reception has an array for you to choose from.

Because we can’t accommodate as many bikes as we can guests, bike storage will need to be reserved in advance for a small fee. So that all our guests are treated equally, this fee is set at the same rate as overnight storage provided by Whistler Blackcomb at the base of the bike park.

For those traveling from afar, we have additional back-of-house storage for bike boxes and bike bags. Just find a Pangea person who’ll take care of the rest.



You needn’t worry about where you’re going to keep your valuables. Our pods are equipped with lockable cabinets for storing personal possessions like phones, cameras, cash and laptops (or anything you’d rather not take to the slopes!). And the best thing? You can keep electronics on charge whilst they’re locked up, so you can power up while you’re out and about. (Note: this does not apply to pods on our loft floor, where valuables storage and luggage storage is combined into a large cubby.)

Again, all you’ll need is a lock – bring from home or purchase from The Shop at reception.



All pods have assigned storage space for general luggage. Where you’ll store it depends on the suite you’re staying in. If you’re in one of our 2nd or 3rd floor pods, you’ll have an assigned space at the entrance to your pod where you can thread the cable tie anchored to your pod wall through the handle of your luggage to secure it in place. If you’re in one of our loft floor pods, you’ll have a separate cubby in close proximity to your pod. Either way, you’ll need your own locks – bring them from home or buy them at reception.

As noted above, given the loft floor cubbies are large and lockable, their associated pods do not have separate lockable cabinets inside – we didn’t see any reason to have you bring/buy two locks when we could accomplish everything with one!

You’ll be pleased to know that our pods also have additional internal storage, like hangers and hooks for clothing and towels, and shelves for, well, anything you’d like to put on them, be it books, headphones, or folded clothes (for those of you who like to unpack).


Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for more insight and more tips and tricks to experiencing the best of the unique mountain town of Whistler on a budget.

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