Pangea’s unbeatable location

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Pangea’s unbeatable location


Whistler has a reputation for being a little on the expensive side (although, if you read our recent “Best of Whistler on a Budget” blog post, you’ll find it’s quite easy to experience this unique mountain town without breaking the bank). This reputation largely rests on the fact that many of the hotels with prime locations in the centre of the village can set you back in excess of several hundred dollars a night during peak periods. A quick search on is, as things stand, an eye-watering prospect.

The solution for most budget-conscious travellers is to make some kind of compromise, and usually that compromise is location. It is, for now at least, the only real way to cut the cost of accommodation. So anyone who hasn’t got bucketloads of cash is forced to find a room in a less-than-ideally-located hotel or hostel – and then spend half their vacation trudging back and forth to their accommodation on foot (if they’re lucky) or by bus. Hardly convenient.



Come early 2018 when our pod hotel opens, compromising on location will no longer be necessary. Pangea will offer affordable accommodation right in the centre of the Village – a location that’s as good as (or even better than) any other hotel in Whistler. What we’ll offer is proximity without the price tag.

Here are three reasons why our location is unbeatable!



Nobody really enjoys having to lug their ski or snowboarding gear halfway across town – why would you want to empty the tank before you’ve even hit the slopes? Fortunately, staying at Pangea means you won’t have to. Walk out our door, follow the Village Stroll south and you’ll be bound for snow-sports heaven in just a couple of minutes. Of course, being so close to the gondolas also means you can beat almost everyone else to the slopes first thing in the morning if you want to. Which you will want to on Whistler’s famous powder days…



That’s right. Head down to The Living Room, head up to The Rooftop Patio, or just head out to your private patio if you’re one of our west-facing suites (half our suites face west, half face east) and look down over the Village Stroll with an air of superiority usually reserved for the super-rich staying in five-star hotels. At Pangea, you get to feel like a high-flyer without paying through the nose for the privilege.



Like any thriving mountain resort, Whistler has a buzzing nightlife and is home to dozens of great bars and restaurants, so a typical day rarely ends when the sun goes down. Once you’re finished on the slopes it’s usually back to the hotel to stow your gear and freshen up for dinner and drinks – which is a little problematic if you’re not in the centre of the village. By the time you finally head to bed you’ll have had to have made not two but four journeys in the day! And who needs a long trip home when they’re full of great food and even greater cocktails?

Of course, if you prefer to “stay in” and chillax, you can leisurely enjoy après, dinner and drinks in The Living Room or on The Rooftop Patio at Pangea while you wave at passersby (or better yet, invite them up for a drink as well).


If you’re planning a trip to Whistler and you’re asking yourself “What’s so important about staying in the centre of town?”, hopefully now you’ve got a pretty clear idea. And best of all, now you know how you can stay central without blowing the budget.

Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for more insight and more tips and tricks to experience the best of the unique mountain town of Whistler on a budget.

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